We create personal video micro-moments

iRewind provides scalable, personalized mass video production software solutions for major brands, organizers, timing companies, and sponsors. Always with a focus on a great video experiences for the participants.

Our show cases

Global experience, local delivery

iRewind has already produced personalized videos for almost all sports all around the world, sometimes in climatically challenging circumstances and with tens of thousands of participants. Our video solution is flexible, scalable and can be adapted to the different needs of organizers, timers and sponsors.

Our features

Get your own video solution

Social Push

Publishing videos automatically on social media profiles.

Interactive Content

Engaging personally with the audience and adding personalized content to augment user experience.

Call-to-Action Ads

Turning passive users into active audience members by directing them to sign up on product web pages.

Automated Personalization

Including personal information into videos and creating individual user experiences.

Live Broadcasting

Streaming an event live to any on-site or remote screen, including all mobile devices.

Near-to-Live Editing

Editing of personalized content live and delivering videos “instantly” to any device.

Mobile App

Use the iRewind app or integrate the iRewind API into your existing app(s).

In-depth Analytics

Analyzing audience engagement and tracking of audience viewing behavior for each campaign.

Tailor-Made Solutions

No one-size-fits-all; each video solution is custom made to the needs of the project and embedded seamlessly into your platform.

Flexible Recording

iRewind smartcam, 360 cameras, 4K cameras and other high-end consumer cameras are available.

White Label Solution

Polished. Integrated. Dedicated. Customized. Take full control of your personalized video solution and build your own video library to interact directly with your community.

Magic Touch

Enhancing videos with customized filters, soundtracks, automatically generated GIF’s, pictures and more.

Individual Performance Data

Inserting personal information about speed, distance, ranking, race time and others.

Our benefits

Take off with videos as the medium of the future

Emotional Branding –
Your personal video solution

Customize every aspect of the video and experience to your brand and website. We provide full support from the vision to the delivery of a working and integrated solution.

Comprehensive –
Understand your data

You have transparent metrics to create better content by understanding how viewers interact and engage with your personalized videos and brand.

Seamless –
Works on every device

When a video is uploaded it’s automatically encoded and delivered in multiple versions and resolutions. Our responsive video player scales to fit any screen size and adapts to any environment. This means crystal clear video anytime, anywhere.

Efficient –
Don’t loose time

We provide an efficient, easy to implement, customizable and adaptable software solution to manage your personalized video project.

Interactive –
Interact with fun and intelligence

We provide multiple formats to make your video interactive. Use your favorite tools to collect leads, build relationships and keep viewers engaged.

Innovative –
Be part of the video era

As the leading global provider of personalized video mass production, we guarantee cutting edge development and features. Jump on board with us to a journey full of excitement in terms of video technologies and strategies.

Our technology

Easy to deploy, efficient to integrate, simple to distribute and hassle-free

Step 1

Within minutes, any deployment team can install iRewind “smartcams” or any other recording device with the help of our process guideline, course or webinars to capture footage for each participant.

Step 2

The networks of high-end cameras capture full HD footage in several angles and frame speeds to ensure augmented dynamism in automated video production. Content is uploaded to our cloud or client cloud-based storage via 4G or fixed internet. Camera meta-data combined with user positioning information (RFID Chips, mobile phones, timing data) and various algorithms identify and “amplify” each participant. Relevant segments are instantly assembled into cool and unique videos.

Step 3

iRewind’s web and mobile platforms let you instantly view, share, download, and store your video. Event owners and partners (sporting events, companies, service providers, etc.) can customize the service and segments of the video to their brand.