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iRewind enters the Indian market

iRewind continues to expand its international distribution network. For the attractive Indian market, iRewind is partnering with the second largest Indian timer, My Race Timing Solutions, with branches in Chennai and Thane. The company already handled several hundreds of events in 2016. Tendency rising. My Race Timing Solutions takes advantage of iRewind’s video cloud solution […]

Escalade Geneva: 44’152 videos produced within 24 hours

The 40th edition of the „Course de l’Escalade“ in Geneva again set record numbers: 44’152 participants crossed the finish line. As many videos as iRewind produced within 24 hours as always personalized and easy to share by all devices. A total of 12 cameras were installed, capturing all participants. The videos were enriched by generic […]

iRewind technology and the corporate world: the Brack.ch case

iRewind offers a wide range of services to create personalized video micro-moments solutions for different sports activities and industries. In the past 3 months, the iRewind Enterprise solution has been chosen by several customers to create their own personal video product. Let’s take a look at the specific case done in collaboration with Compresso AG […]

iRewind expands to Central America and Mexico

iRewind continues to expand: Since October 1, Tuncho Granados is exclusively representing iRewind in Central America and Mexico, after successfully handling first major events, namely the BAM 21K Municipalidad de Guatemala, and creating new opportunities in other Sports industries such as Martial Arts and Football. Tuncho Granados, a professor for business innovation and founder of […]

Red Bull 111 Megawatt: Combining Finisher-Clips and Live Streaming

The fourth edition of Taddy Blazusiak’s signature event Red Bull 111 Megawatt took place in the remote location of the Kleszczów coal mine in the heart of Poland. Red Bull used the iRewind technology to capture the top 500 riders that qualified for the finals during the prologue. With 14 cameras spread all over the […]

Register now for our iRewind Webinars

Video Micro Moments with the new iRewind video cloud solution: explore the possibilities for organizers, timers, and sponsors, learn more about our products and get insights with our latest showcases. Register now for our iRewind Webinars.

iRewind expands to the South Pacific region

iRewind continues to expand. Since September 1, Pascal Voltz has been exclusively representing iRewind in the South Pacific region. Additionally, he also looks after Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. Having an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, Pascal built his first company from scratch, sold it and then embarked on a journey to continue further studies […]

Switzerland Marathon light: Combining Finisher-Clips and Virtual Reality

Since 2014, Viktor Röthlin, European Champion of the Marathon in Barcelona 2010, has been organizing the „Switzerland Marathon light“ in Sarnen, Switzerland. This year the competition „Beat Vik“ was launched. The concept: Viktor Röthlin starts time-staggered to other participants and rolls-up the field from behind. Winners are those participants he doesn’t overtake. This year, iRewind […]

#21KMuniGuate: iRewind reaches Central America

The BAM 21K Municipalidad de Guatemala uses iRewind technology: more than 10,000 finisher clips were produced in the shortest possible time and published on the BAM 21K Municipalidad de Guatemala website. A local team carried out the implementation. Cameras used were GoPro Hero5. Once the videos were uploaded to the iRewind video cloud, they were […]

New iRewind feature: customized real-time metrics

VideoMicroMoments for sport events ensure a strong performance. Therefore it is all the more important to be able to measure them in detail. Thanks to our brand new, customized analytics dashboard, the requested metrics can be mapped. Of course in real-time and shareable for all relevant persons. Partners and sponsors want to know where their […]